The lingering question persists – who will save the Newmans from the threat of Jordan? Even though Claire is on the run and Jordan’s whereabouts are unknown, the danger remains. Claire’s manipulative actions showcased her capability to groom a newborn baby and execute detailed plans.

The question arises – can Victoria, Nick, or even the formidable Victor be the heroes the Newmans need? Facing Jordan’s intricate schemes may require someone as detailed as Jordan herself.

Victor, usually impervious to deception, fell victim to Claire and Jordan’s tactics. Nikki possesses resilience, but Jordan’s dirty tactics leave her off balance. Could it be that Victor is losing his touch? Nikki, while strong, is grappling with the unexpected.

However, there might be a man who can rise to the challenge. Despite being sidelined, Adam, with his history as a former schemer, might understand Jordan’s mindset. As the only Newman not born from Nikki’s uterus, Adam could be the one to unravel the mystery and save the family.

The idea of Adam riding in to save the day is not far-fetched, given his rebellious streak. The anticipation grows, and viewers may see Adam digging deep to uncover the truth behind Jordan’s actions. As suspicions rise, Adam may emerge as the unexpected hero to protect the Newmans from Jordan’s looming threat.

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