A General Hospital spoiler reveals a shocking turn of events as Andrea Gates informs TJ Ashford about experiencing abdominal pain, bleeding, and a miscarriage over the phone. TJ, taken aback and confused, wonders if Andrea is truly falling for it. Instead of seeking medical attention at General Hospital, Andrea opts for examination at a private facility elsewhere.

The unexpected miscarriage is especially disheartening since Andrea and TJ had an agreement for Andrea to be a surrogate, and she had successfully conceived, bringing joy and anticipation for the upcoming birth.

Devastated by the news, TJ, who trusted Andrea wholeheartedly, immediately shares the heartbreaking development with Molly Davis. Molly, equally distraught, cannot comprehend the sudden turn of events. In their grief, TJ suggests the possibility of asking Andrea to undergo surrogacy again.

Molly agrees, and they attempt to broach the topic with Andrea. However, Andrea rejects the idea, citing her desire for peace after the incident and her commitment to her husband and son. This refusal leaves Molly disappointed, as their longstanding desire for children remains unfulfilled.

In a conversation with her mother, Alexis Davis, Molly expresses her concerns. Alexis becomes suspicious of Andrea’s claim of a miscarriage and begins to voice her doubts. TJ, Molly, and Alexis decide to investigate Andrea.

After diligent tracking and understanding, they uncover certain clues that indicate Andrea lied about the miscarriage. The trio gathers evidence, revealing that Andrea’s intention was to sever their previous agreement and retain sole custody of the unborn baby.

As the truth comes to light, TJ and Molly find themselves in a dispute with Andrea over the baby’s custody. Andrea’s deceitful actions, aimed at changing her mind about returning the baby to TJ after birth, are exposed. The stage is set for a legal battle, and all parties involved are gearing up for a fight over the custody of the baby growing in Andrea’s womb.

The revelation brings a new layer of complexity to the storyline, promising intense courtroom drama in the ongoing General Hospital saga.

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