After an impressive 40-year run on the show, Winer dedicated a special episode to celebrate the character of Christine Blair, also known as Cricket. During the episode, Christine took a moment to reflect on her life, reconnecting with old friends like Nina and her ex-husband Danny.

She also revisited her complicated relationships with adversaries like Phyllis and her ex-fiancĂ© Michael. One particularly poignant moment that resurfaced was Christine’s heart-wrenching loss of a baby she had with Paul.

As her friends Nina and Lauren tried to console her about not having her own children, Christine seemed unable to fully open up about her maternal desires. However, Lauralee Bell’s portrayal of Christine wasn’t continuous, as she took breaks from the show over the years, during which her character was said to be in Hong Kong.

This time period coincided with various romantic entanglements, including relationships with Michael and Paul. This has sparked some intriguing speculation among fans: What if Christine had become pregnant during one of those Hong Kong hiatuses?

Soap operas have been known to employ creative storytelling when it comes to pregnancies, allowing for unexpected twists in a character’s past. For example, in One Life to Live, the character Vicki had a daughter named Megan when she was living as an alter ego, Nikki Smith. In another instance, As the World Turns created a storyline where Lisa gave birth during her hiatus between the end of her nighttime soap opera and her return to the show.

This opens the door to the possibility that during Christine’s time in Hong Kong, she might have discovered that she was pregnant, perhaps with Michael or Paul’s child. She might have chosen to keep it a secret while she figured out how to inform the child’s father.

Given her character, it’s unlikely that Christine would have given up her child for adoption, which raises the possibility that the baby could have been taken from her shortly after birth, and she was falsely informed that the child had died. This could have been an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking choice for the child’s father, too.

Who knows? There may be the potential for a long-lost child of Christine’s hidden away for years, possibly to be revealed in the future. While the storyline might sound farfetched, soap operas are known for their dramatic twists and turns, so anything is possible in the world of daytime dramas. Let us know what you think in the comments, and subscribe for further updates.

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