Jordan finds herself presented with a unique opportunity to reconsider her approach to seeking revenge.

Instead of focusing solely on the children of Victor and Nikki, she contemplates a broader strategy this time.

In contrast to her previous plan with Claire, where she meticulously targeted specific individuals, Jordan now believes that to truly cause Victor pain, each of his children must be included in her revenge plot.

She questions why she should spare Adam and Abby, asserting that the ultimate goal is to inflict the maximum amount of suffering. Despite the challenges in gathering all the Newmans in one place during her earlier attempt, Jordan anticipates a different scenario this time.

As she readies herself for another round of revenge in Genoa City, speculation arises that she may expand her list of targets to include not only Victor, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria but also Adam and Abby.

This unexpected twist could elevate the stakes and intensify Jordan’s quest for retribution.

The suspense builds as viewers await the revelation of shocking information, anticipating Jordan’s readiness to take her revenge to new and unexpected levels. The video concludes by inviting viewers to subscribe to the channel for updates.

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