Spoilers reveal that John Black’s intricate past is once again resurfacing, offering fans a refresher on his tumultuous history in preparation for an upcoming storyline with Constantine and Steve. The story begins in the final months of 1985 when Salem is introduced to a mysterious bandaged figure, the pawn, whose identity is concealed due to extensive facial reconstruction surgery.

Positioned in a fierce power struggle, the pawn, assigned to Victor Kiriakis, becomes the focus of a bitter feud involving various factions, including Stefan DiMera. However, the true shock lies in the revelation that the pawn is a brainwashed assassin with a past obscured by secrecy and manipulation.

Steve Johnson plays a crucial role in this narrative, drawn into the drama when he discovers the pawn’s amnesia. Reflecting on these events, Steve recalls his initial perception of the pawn as a lost soul rather than a deadly weapon.

In 1986, the mystery surrounding the pawn deepens when the bandages are removed, and Drake Hogestyn makes his debut as John Black. Taking the name from a memorial wall, John embarks on a journey of self-discovery, initially believed to be Roman Brady before rewrites dispel this notion.

John Black’s story is a tapestry of intricate rewrites and unexpected turns. The current focus shifts to the events before his arrival in Salem, a period shrouded in mystery. John, struggling with fragmented memories, laments the loss of important secrets following Victor Kiriakis’s death, secrets he believed were better left buried.

The introduction of Constantine and his connection to Victor promises to unveil the darkest corners of John’s past, potentially filling in the gaps in his memories in shocking and dramatic ways. As these revelations emerge, they hold the potential to reshape the narrative and offer a deeper understanding of John Black’s complex history.

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