Looks like rumors about Mark’s new girlfriend are circulating every week, and this time it seems that this new girl is the real deal. All the Courtney and Mark shippers are in for a heartbreak because Mark brought a new date to the awards ceremony. To know all about it, make sure to stick around till the end.

Hey everyone, welcome to Tren Street! On Young and the Restless, Sally and Adam are finally back together after a whole year of push and pull. However, in real life, the actors portraying them, Mark Grossman and Courtney Hope, aren’t getting back together. No more mixing business with pleasure; that ship has hit rock bottom, like the Titanic, and now it looks like there’s no coming back for them.

Mark and Courtney have officially broken up after starting their relationship back in October 2022. The actors even went on a romantic getaway to Tulum, Mexico, in December 2022, and were in a happy relationship until Y&R’s 50th-anniversary party. Sadly, their relationship came to an end in 2023.

Both Mark and Courtney deleted all their pictures from their Instagram, confirming the breakup. Mark, known for dating Sharon Case, who plays Sharon on Y&R, and then Courtney, has now revealed a new girl. At the 50th Daytime Emmy Awards on December 15th, Mark showed up with his beautiful date, Carissa Cio, shocking everyone.

Mark and Carissa were spotted getting cozy on the red carpet, posing for pictures. Mark also took to his Instagram story to post a selfie with her, further fueling speculation. Carissa Cio is a children’s book author and model from Mark’s hometown, Arizona.

She shared a picture with Mark on her Instagram with the caption “GG and CC rep pin at the emys,” to which he replied, “What a fun night. See cakes, did we drink enough coffee? Great times.”

Although neither Mark nor Carissa has officially confirmed or denied their relationship, their appearance at the awards ceremony has sparked discussions among fans. Opinions vary, with some speculating it might be a date, while others consider them just friends. The fans wonder if they met Courtney at the event and if things got awkward.

Regardless, Mark and Carissa sure made an entrance at the awards, leaving everyone talking about them. The fans are invited to share their thoughts on Mark and Carissa as a couple in the comments below. Thank you for checking out this video.

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