Young and the Restless fans, who were left wondering why Christian LeBlanc, the actor who portrays Michael Baldwin, suddenly disappeared from the show, are finally getting some answers. It turns out that the popular actor has been in a private battle with cancer, and he’s just now speaking out about the ordeal.

Viewers of Young and the Restless were left puzzled when LeBlanc’s character, Michael, a hotshot attorney, suddenly left the canvas, especially when he was needed by his onscreen BFF, Phyllis, played by Michelle Stafford. Phyllis had just returned to Genoa City after faking her death and desperately required legal assistance as she prepared to face the consequences of her crimes. Fans were stunned when Heather Veil Bloom, who plays Phyllis’s son Daniel’s ex-wife, turned up and announced that she would be representing her former mother-in-law in lieu of Michael. The explanation given was that Michael had flown off to Singapore to help his mother, Gloria, played by Judith Chapman, out of a jam she’d managed to get herself into overseas. It was a believable explanation, albeit odd, given that Michael had been very much a part of the Phyllis versus Diane story line up to that point.

As it turns out, LeBlanc had been diagnosed with multiple Myoma, a cancer of the plasma cells. In June, he left the show to undergo treatment. As frightening as that sounds, fans who love a good twist and a happy ending will be pleased to hear that LeBlanc’s story thankfully has both of those elements. In a new interview, he divulged that not only did he start noticing symptoms in the lead-up to his diagnosis, but eagle-eyed Young and the Restless fans did as well. One of the first signs was that the wedding ring the star wears as Michael fell right off his finger. He was losing weight. He recalled, “My nose started bleeding on set at sometimes,” and his left eye got a little wonky. There was a tumor in his sinus cavity, pressing on his optic nerve. He chuckled, saying fans caught it. “I was getting people saying your eye is a little Jim Carrey that way.”

The actor explained that if he hadn’t gone in for an eye exam, it may have progressed further, which would have been unspeakably awful, as it’s a very fast cancer. LeBlanc confirmed that his treatments were successful. He is in full remission and eating like it’s his job per doctor’s orders, as he’d lost 35 pounds in 2 months. Conveniently, LeBlanc’s eating habits are part of a fundraiser he’s involved with for cancer support in Louisiana, hosted by Little Big Cup in Arnaudville.

All of us at Soap Opera Update send our love to Christian LeBlanc. We’re so happy to hear he’s in remission and that he’ll be back on our screens as Michael Baldwin when Young and the Restless celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

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