In the Jazz Lounge, Phyllis greets Danny, noting that they seem to run into each other often during this time of year. Danny agrees and acknowledges that it’s nice. Phyllis teases him about only getting two words out of him, and Danny stammers.

Phyllis playfully mentions that the bug is back in town, making her the pariah. Danny insists that nothing has changed and commends her for trying to turn her life around. Phyllis questions if he’s admiring her from arm’s length, and Danny suggests that she might be projecting her issues with Christine onto him.

Phyllis apologizes and promises to lay off Christine, expressing sympathy for what she’s going through. Danny urges her not to fall back into the old dynamic, but Phyllis assures him that she’s a work in progress. They discuss meditation, a practice Danny has been doing for years.

Phyllis asks him to teach her, but he explains that he’s not certified. Phyllis suggests finding a certified trainer, and Danny agrees to help her with that. Despite inviting him to dinner, Danny already has plans.

Meanwhile, Christine and Nina chat about spending time together while Chance finishes up his investigation. They discuss Christine’s feelings for Danny, with Nina sharing her past love for him.

Chelsea meets with Chloe at Crimson Lights, and they talk about a meeting with Chelsea and Summer regarding creative processes. Summer enters, and Chloe expresses doubts about finding the right balance.

In another scene, Victor confronts Nate about orchestrating his fake mental decline to keep him away from Newman. Victor reveals that he knew about Nate’s plan and insists that he was testing everyone to find the real traitor.

The tension escalates, with Victor expressing disappointment in each family member. The confrontation becomes heated, revealing the distrust within the Newman family.

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