RTV soap news and spoilers today, I want to discuss with you a story related to Sloan. Do you think we’re about to say goodbye to Eric, Sloan, and baby Jude? If you want to know what’s going on, join us to discuss this video. Speaking of Sloan, she’s struggling with a heavy burden of guilt. She’s not just dealing with her own turmoil; it could be said that she was acutely aware of the pain Nicole was going through.

Nicole’s suffering is twofold, as she is dealing with the loss of one child while facing the painful possibility of losing another, Holly, who’s teetering on the precarious edge of survival and death. The situation plunged Nicole into an abyss of grief and despair, a fact that weighs heavily on Sloan’s conscience.

Sloan’s guilt is so profound that it pushes her to make a decision that could change everything – returning baby Jude to Nicole. This act of restitution was not motivated by fear or a desire for liberation, but rather it was a testament to Sloan’s deep feelings of remorse and her desire to make things right.

Viewers will see Sloan pack up Julie Brady’s clothes, a symbolic gesture that shows she’s willing to return the baby to his rightful mother. But the road to redemption is never smooth, and Sloan once again finds herself at a crossroads influenced by outside forces. Enter Melinda, a character whose past mistakes and secrets add layers of complexity to the ongoing drama.

Melinda’s intervention and Sloan’s decision were motivated by self-protection. She’s acutely aware that revealing the truth will not only affect Sloan but also threaten her reputation and career. Therefore, we will once again see Melinda stop Sloan from doing that. The possibility that Sloan may leave Salem, a decision that may be influenced by Melinda’s persuasion tactics, hinges on one important factor – convincing Eric to leave Salem with her.

Only then will her secret be safe. Are we about to see a breakup between Sloan and Eric? What will the future be like for Sloan, Eric, and baby Jude on Days of Our Lives? Please join us in waiting to see how this story will unfold. RTV channel soap news and spoilers is the place for those who want to know how the Salem story goes, as well as great Days of Our Lives updates and news. So subscribe to our channel to get what you want. Bye-bye.

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