For a while, there was a glimmer of hope for Nick and Sally on Young and the Restless. We had a sneaking suspicion that Adam might find a way to insert himself between them. The reasons for their initial breakup never quite sat right with us, and the shared grief over losing their daughter only seemed to strengthen their bond.

While we’re not entirely convinced that Adam and Sally are endgame, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Nick may not be in the running anymore, whether he fully grasps it or not. This leaves us pondering who might help the brokenhearted hunk move on.

Certainly, there’s his ex-wife Sharon, with whom he’s found solace on more than one occasion. If her attempts at a connection with Chase are thwarted by her former stepdaughter Summer, it’s not far-fetched to envision the popular barista reuniting with the Shop’s former co-owner. However, there might be another contender in play.

As much as we adore Lily and her history with Daniel, her ex Heather’s decision to give Genoa City another shot could introduce a significant rift in the relatively new romance.

If both Nick and Lily were single, could their paths begin to converge? While Nick might be the last person the audience would expect to see Lily with, longtime viewers may recall a teasing glimpse of this pairing back in 2016 during a fantasy episode. Those episodes are always a blast, according to Joshua Morrow, who played Nick.

In this alternate reality, where Victor was incarcerated for an attempt to replace his long-standing rival Jack, unexpected pairings thrived. Among them was Nick and Lily. Morrow notes that while it might not be the romance viewers imagined, considering Lily’s history with Daniel Goddard’s Cane, he always thought it would be a fun dynamic to explore.

While it might not be in the cards given the current storyline, it’s an intriguing possibility that Morrow has considered. After all, in a soap opera, relationships are constantly evolving, and sometimes you find yourself pondering potential pairings within the ensemble cast.

Although Nick has had his fair share of entanglements in Genoa City, Lily remains the one that got away. Morrow chuckles, acknowledging that it’s not a scenario he envisions happening, especially given where their characters currently stand in the narrative. Nonetheless, it’s something he’s always mused about and, on that fortuitous day, he finally got the chance to collaborate with Crystal Khil (who portrays Lily), and it was an enriching experience.

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