Hope and Finn’s relationship is what viewers are wondering most, they shared a hug recently, and they are also spending more time together.

Now Hope sees Finn as a source of comfort whenever she needs help and needs advice, she ran to the cliff house more and more often just like what Liam did with Steffy.

Hope even told her mom about the connection with Finn, she thinks that Finn is a good man, and Brooke also agreed with her daughter about that.

With that in mind, we believe that the show is setting up for Hope and Finn to share some close moments together, and it will soon happen.

Hope is taking advantage of Steffy while she is leaving oversea and can’t be with her husband, Hope knows that this is a chance for her.

Spoilers say that Hope will become seductive, she will go to see Fin more often, and maybe she has a plan to steal Steffy’s husband this time.

Right now, we could see clearly that Hope’s daydreams of Thomas are slowly replaced by images of Finn, a good man and caring husband.

With Hope and Finn being closer, spoilers say that trouble is looming, and looks like Steffy will be shocked when she comes home this time.

Now Hope is becoming a new version of her mom Brooke, and she will steal Steffy’s man once again, like what she did to Liam.

So if Hope ends up pregnant with Finn’s baby after a one-night stand, spoilers say that things will become more complicated this time.

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