In the coming episode, Carly finds herself in a vulnerable state due to the absence of Drew, who took a trip to Australia. We saw how hard she worked to get Drew out of Pentonville, but a few days after returning, he threw himself into the ELQ business.

General Hospital previews teased that Carly will have to celebrate Christmas without her lover. Regardless, Brennan’s compelling presence and unwavering attention to Carly create a sense of intrigue and allure, drawing her into a complex web of emotions and personal dilemmas.

The stage seems set for a potential romantic entanglement. As the head of the WSB and potentially affiliated with the elusive Pikeman, Brennan’s motives and intentions are shrouded in mystery. His initial pursuit of Carly appears to be more than a mere romantic interest, hinting at a deeper and more strategic motive that could have far-reaching implications for the characters involved.

In other words, there are indications that his interest in her may be part of a larger scheme to exert influence over Sonny and potentially target his loved ones. The possibility that Brennan may have orchestrated Drew’s sudden departure to Australia, creating an opportunity to pursue Carly without interference, adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

Of course, Carly is a wise person, and she had begun to doubt this man. To make sure the mask is always on his face, Brennan will have another path to gain Carly’s absolute trust—he can help her learn about the identity of the person who reported to the SEC the contents of the transaction between her and Drew.

Brennan is a powerful man and has many eyes and ears; it is not difficult for him to find the accuser. If so, Nina’s secret may be brought to light by the man pursuing Carly. Moreover, this is also a way for Boss Pikeman to hit Sonny’s heart—that his wife is a liar.

It is worth waiting to see Nina’s reaction when her mask falls off. Regardless, Brennan’s presence isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s see what his next step is.

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