Tensions between Drew and Sam reach a dramatic escalation as they become entangled in a heated conflict over the decision to withdraw their daughter from a private school. The situation unfolds when Sam, acting unilaterally, informs the prestigious institution of a change in plans due to their daughter Scout experiencing distressing nightmares related to her new school.

Drew’s recent release from Pentonville seems to have triggered a noticeable change in his demeanor, leading to friction in their lives. He expresses anger at Sam’s quick decision, emphasizing the prestige and achievements of Westwood School.

Despite this, Sam prioritizes Scout’s comfort and well-being, having witnessed her distress and adamant desire to stay in her current school among friends.

Carly, a keen observer, notes a marked change in Drew’s behavior after his release, describing him as more aggressive and self-centered. Throughout the show, Drew has been known for his kind, supportive, and reasonable nature, but Carly observes a significant shift.

This change in Drew’s personality becomes a cause for concern, affecting their love and relationships. The narrative also touches upon Nina’s confession about her involvement in the SEC incident, leading to anger from both Drew and Sam. Drew expresses a desire to retaliate against Nina, showcasing violent tendencies.

This revelation raises concerns about potential consequences, as a once gentle person transforms into someone capable of orchestrating plans that may have severe repercussions, potentially affecting marriages and relationships in unexpected ways.

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