Bold and Beautiful fans, Eric is about to wake up to a revelation that’s bound to change everything. A lot has happened since he collapsed that unfortunate evening, and even though the man was in a coma, he wakes up remembering everything his family said in front of him this entire time.

There are cases when people wake up from a coma and remember what’s happened in their surroundings; they listen but cannot move a muscle to respond to their loved ones. Now, Eric might wake up to realize that his son was about to kill him.

It’s more than obvious that he’s a fighter and has some life left inside him. When he finally returns from the dead, the only thing he remembers is a nightmare where Ridge is about to pull the plugs. Eric will surely see his son in a different light, and things will never be the same between the two.

Finn and Bridget fought hard to save Eric in the operating room. If the man was really dying, why would the writers bother spending so much time in hospital scenes? Finn remains positive that Eric will eventually show a sign of life. This procedure might extend Eric’s life by a couple of years, but when he finally recovers, we can expect a massive shakeup.

It will take months for Eric to get out of the hospital bed, but it will surely happen. The important part is how he brings a new perspective about life and his family, especially Ridge. He will feel like he had been cast aside by his son.

It’s not an issue that Ridge made a choice to let Eric die, but the shocker that exploded at the Forrester Gala—Eric was under the wrong impression that he won the fashion competition, but Ridge lied to him in his dying days. After getting a new chance at life, he would rather not be stuck in the past, but he can never forget what his son did.

That’s why Eric might take a controversial path once he wakes up from his death. It’s not something Ridge ever imagined. It seems like retribution is on the horizon for the Forrester family in the week of Eric on B&B. That’s all for today. If you like our videos, please subscribe and hit the bell icon.

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