Fans of the show are well aware that Pikeman is an incredibly mysterious organization. It’s been a year since Valentin proposed a business deal to Sonny, suggesting cooperation with this secretive group for transporting ammunition and mercenary goods.

The lucrative offer promised Sonny $10 million for each successful shipment, a tempting proposition for any mob boss. However, the high rewards came with equally high risks, leading Sonny to reconsider the deal. Despite his attempts to cancel the arrangement with Pikeman, his offer was not accepted, and now, information about Pikeman is slowly becoming clearer.

In a recent episode in December, Mr. Brennan, believed to be Pikeman’s boss, arrives in town and makes Kelly’s his first destination. It appears that he will use Sonny’s ex-wife, Carly, as leverage for his upcoming plans, putting Sonny in a dilemma. Despite their changed marital status, Sonny always gives special attention to Carly.

The return of another character further complicates Sonny’s situation. Leaked news suggests that Jason Morgan, a powerful right-hand man of Mr. Brennan, is one of Pikeman’s excellent employees. Jason, whose body has yet to be found after the tunnel collapse on Cidi Island, is believed to have passed away.

However, soap opera logic often involves mysterious deaths and returns from the underworld, leading to speculation that Jason may have lost his mind after the accident and joined Pikeman.

The plot thickens as Tony and Jason are expected to confront each other. Formerly close friends, the dynamics change with Jason’s allegiance to Pikeman. The storyline becomes even more intriguing when Drew, Jason’s brother, discovers that Jason is alive and sets out to bring him back, presumably away from Pikeman’s influence.

The anticipation is high for Jason Morgan’s reappearance, and viewers are encouraged not to miss any upcoming episodes of the show to unravel the unfolding drama.




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