RTV soap news and spoilers today bring exciting news about the unexpected return of actress Judith Chapman to Days of Our Lives. Fans who have followed the show for a long time will remember Judith’s previous role as Angela Deo and her appearance in 2019 as Leo’s mother, Diana Colville.

Diana’s return is anticipated to bring a new twist to the storyline, and viewers are eager to discover what prompts her to come back to Salem.

In her previous stint on the show, Diana arrived at the Caracus mansion, leading to confrontations with Leo. Their strained relationship escalated, with Diana blackmailing Leo over his involvement in his father’s death.

Diana even went to the extent of faking DNA test results to claim Leo as John’s son. The character left a trail of deception and trouble in her wake, making her return all the more intriguing.

Judith Chapman confirmed her return with a selfie on social media after a productive work session on Days of Our Lives. Fans were thrilled with the news, although some were initially confused as she also appeared on The Young and the Restless. Chapman clarified that she was honored to work on both shows and would be returning to Y&R for the New Year’s Eve show.

The details surrounding Diana’s return to Days of Our Lives are yet to be revealed. Whether her storyline will be connected to Leo or bring new challenges to Salem remains a mystery. As Days of Our Lives is currently in the taping phase, fans will have to wait a few months before witnessing Judith Chapman’s return on screen.

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