Since the tragic passing of his wife Hillary, Devon has found contentment in his relationship with Abby, and together they are raising their son Dominic.

, rumors suggest that Hillary might make a sensational return to the soap opera world of Gena City, where characters can come back from the grave.

Despite witnessing Hillary’s apparent demise in a hospital, actress Michelle Morgan, who portrayed Hillary, speculates on the possibility that Hillary might have faked her death or been spirited away by deceptive individuals without Devon’s knowledge.

Michelle emphasizes the unpredictable nature of soap operas, stating that Hillary doesn’t need a significant storyline to make a return.

Amanda, Hillary’s twin, is another character portrayed by Michelle, and there is much more to explore about these personas.

Even though Devon and Amanda have reached a resolution, the return of Hillary could potentially reignite emotions between them.

The crucial question now is whether viewers want Michelle Morgan to return to the show, and if she does, should she come back as Amanda or Hillary?

Fans eagerly anticipate the creators’ surprising twists, and everyone is hopeful for a wonderful comeback, whether it’s Hillary’s or Amanda’s. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe to the channel for updates.

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