Breaking General Hospital spoilers reveal exciting news as Eden McCoy hints at her imminent return as Jocelyn Jax. In a recent Instagram story, McCoy posted a picture of the lights at the GH Studio, accompanied by a smiling emoji covering its mouth, subtly hinting at her comeback.

Adding to the anticipation, Laura Wright shared her own Instagram Story featuring a snapshot with McCoy and a caption expressing curiosity about heading to Port Charles.

The buzz around McCoy’s return is evident, with Laura Wright showering her with praise and expressing genuine excitement about their on-set reunion. McCoy, who took a hiatus due to her mother’s passing from cancer, is set to return in the first week of February.

While Courtney Fulk admirably filled in during McCoy’s absence, fans eagerly await the return of the original Jocelyn.

McCoy’s comeback promises a warm reunion with familiar co-stars, and viewers are excited to see her seamlessly settle back into her character. Acknowledging McCoy’s need for personal time to cope with a real-life tragedy, the show’s decision-makers respected her situation and granted her an extended leave.

As McCoy gears up to return to Port Charles, she will dive into messy drama involving Dex Heler as he becomes further entangled in Sunny Corinthos’ organization.

New challenges and complications will arise for Dex, leading to tough decisions with potential irreversible consequences. Jocelyn, played by Eden McCoy, will be caught in the chaos surrounding Dex, promising General Hospital viewers a riveting storyline with unexpected twists and turns.

Stay tuned for updates on the brewing shockers and the unfolding drama as General Hospital continues to deliver unexpected developments in Port Charles.

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