In the recent ABC General Hospital spoilers, Brennan faces arrest after Anna and Dante gather evidence against him and report it to the police. Recognizing Brennan’s dangerous nature and his grudge against Anna and Sonny, Anna takes swift action to prevent him from posing a threat.

Aware that Brennan’s vendetta could endanger both Anna and Sonny, the police, including Dante, move in to arrest Brennan at Kelly’s Restaurant, where he was talking with Carly.

Carly, having learned that Brennan is the new WSB boss, is not surprised by the arrest and remains skeptical of Brennan’s intentions. As Dante escorts Brennan away, Brennan expresses anger and warns Carly that it’s not over, implying a deeper connection between them.

However, Carly remains wary, believing Brennan is merely attempting to manipulate her. The arrest, if it had not occurred, might have led to a dangerous liaison between Brennan and Carly.

Despite Brennan’s apparent arrest, he manages to escape from prison, fulfilling a promise he made to Carly. Brennan’s unexpected escape causes panic, with the police launching a manhunt to recapture him. Intent on keeping his promise to Carly, Brennan seeks her out, instilling fear in her.

Carly, now implicated in Brennan’s escape, faces potential legal consequences as an accomplice.

Brennan captures Carly and decides to start a new life with her elsewhere, revealing the depth of his infatuation. As Carly goes missing, concerns escalate, especially for Sonny, who cares deeply for her well-being despite their divorce. Sonny, viewing Carly as not just the mother of their children but also his best friend, is determined to save her.

The unfolding events leave everyone worried about Carly’s fate, raising questions about whether she can be rescued from Brennan’s clutches and what dangers lie ahead for her.

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