Spoilers say that two guests will arrive in LA to witness the fashion showdown between Eric and Ridge, and they come from Genoa City.

Lauren Fenmore will receive a golden ticket from the Forresters, and she will also bring Esther Valentine to come to LA with her.

But looks like they are heading for a big bombshell that will soon happen in town, because we all know that he is dying.

Eric only has six months left to live, but instead of finding for a cure, he decides to ignore it and continue working.

He won’t tell anything to his son Ridge, because he believes that this fashion battle could be his last mission.

And spoilers say that everybody will be shocked when Eric dying on the floor, and the first person to see it is Brooke Logan.

As for Eric, he totally gives up o his life, so now it’s time for him to prepair for the last chapter of his life.

Only miracle could save him this time, but we know that it’s not easy to happen.

If Eric is truly about to lose his life, he may finally try to protect those he will leave behind, especially Donna.

He will find a new man for Donna, so that she could have a new life after losing him.

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