Claire Grace’s actions suggest that she is working for someone, although the identity of this person remains unclear. It appears evident that Claire is waiting for a particular individual to handle Nikki, and there is speculation that Claire may be collaborating with a former villain seeking revenge, not just against Nikki but the entire Newman family.

Nikki seems to be a scapegoat in this elaborate scheme, and the physical feat of Claire carrying Nikki upstairs alone raises suspicions about the feasibility of such a task.

Claire’s phone call before leaving with Nikki, where she gave a thumbs up and asked someone to keep everything ready, adds to the intrigue. While it initially seemed like she was talking to Aunt Jordan, doubts arise about Aunt Jordan’s capability given her age.

There’s a suggestion that Jordan might be an alias, and the real person orchestrating the plan could be someone from Claire’s past.

The speculation points towards Ian Ward as a potential mastermind behind the plot. Ian, who was once obsessed with Nikki and had issues with Victor and Adam, could be using manipulation tactics to rattle the lives of the Newman family. Ian has a history of deceit, blackmail, and endangering the Newmans, making him a plausible villain.

The theory aligns with Ian’s previous actions, such as attempting to burn the Newman towers, blackmailing Nikki, and taking her hostage. Claire’s association with Ian would make sense, given Ian’s history of manipulation.

The video concludes by urging viewers to stay tuned for updates as the storyline unfolds, leaving the possibility of Ian Ward being the ideal villain to execute Claire’s mysterious plan.

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