Spoilers say that Victoria is facing a difficult time ahead with the appearance of Claire. This woman has a plan to become the CEO of this company.

Right now, Victoria is suspecting her father Victor for his plan, so she will fight back to take back her power, but Victor won’t let it happen.

So looks like Victor will allow Claire to push Victoria away, and of course, Claire will become the new CO-CEO of Newman Enterprises with Victor.

Meanwhile, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) solemnly assures his wife, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), of something significant. However, they find themselves at odds over a certain matter. While Victor remains steadfast in his belief that his plan to feign mental decline will unfold seamlessly, Nikki holds a different perspective.

Nikki foresees potential disaster, a sentiment that may hold truth. In the midst of this, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) experiences a revelation: Victor has been orchestrating a grand manipulation. This revelation sparks Nick’s fury. Meanwhile, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) embarks on a daring exploration, unearthing a startling revelation.

Later, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) grapples with a tough decision on Young and the Restless. The possibility of her departure from Newman Enterprises looms. If this unfolds, Nikki’s ire towards Victor might reach new heights. In due course, Victor subjects Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) to a rigorous trial.

In a moment of vulnerability, he unveils a long-guarded truth. Furthermore, Nick turns to Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) for guidance, ultimately baring his soul. Looking ahead, Victor imparts a profound message, likely directed at his children. Evidently, turbulent times await the Newman family.

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