RJ confides in Eric Forester, accepting Sanders’ story, and Luna rejects Xander. Tuesday, January 9th, 2024, teasers for The Bold and the Beautiful reveal that Tanner Novins’ character, John Finn Finnegan, is still being persuaded to believe Xander Avant, played by Adain Bradley.

Highlights of The Bold and the Beautiful recap include Steffy Forrester being informed by Thomas Forrester that Finn should back off because he is not a killer. Eric Forester receives a visit from RJ Forester. In the recap, Eric motivates Forester RJ, makes jokes about his presence with RJ, and RJ lets him know how much they’re all missing him. Eric assures RJ he loves him and promises to come back soon. Until then, RJ commits to being there every day. Eric asks RJ how Luna Nozawa and Lisa Yada are doing.

RJ informs Eric that Luna frequently inquires about him, stating that both he and Luna are doing well. RJ tells Eric that he and Luna are becoming more intimate every day, claiming that Luna is always there for him and supportive. Eric concurs with RJ, feeling that they make a good team. RJ thinks things are going pretty well. Eric advises RJ to hang tight to Luna, saying it’s not every day that someone like that enters your life.

According to RJ, BNB recap shows John Finnegan keeps hearing Xander Avant’s tale. Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful include Thomas being persuaded by Steffy that Finn won’t follow through on this. Steffy disagrees with Thomas, vowing that Finn will leave this alone. Steffy claims that Xander is inventing something to retaliate against Thomas. Thomas says it aches for Finn to hear Xander’s tale.

Steffy thinks Finn has her best interests in mind. Thomas informs Steffy that Finn thinks poorly of him. Steffy swears that Finn won’t discuss this with Xander ever again. Xander keeps telling Finn how horrible Thomas is. After doing some research online, Xander is in disbelief that Hope is with Thomas, stating that Hope is very attractive and doesn’t need that guy in her life. Finn is looking for evidence that Thomas killed Emma Barber.

Thomas is persuaded by Steffy that Finn will overlook this, according to Steffy. Finn felt obligated to tell Hope Logan the truth, informed by Xander about Thomas and Emma’s argument. Xander claims to be aware that Thomas tracked Emma and made sure she didn’t arrive to Hope. Hope is unsure of how much more Thomas needs to demonstrate. Steffy advises Finn to keep his mouth shut about this sensitive topic. Xander is certain that Emma was run off the road by Thomas.

Xander claims to be aware that this was no accident, although Thomas was exonerated. While at the accident scene, Thomas looked up the location on his GPS. Despite the family’s efforts to think otherwise, Thomas is a murderer. Xander queries Finn about their plan of action. Luna Nozawa refuses to fall into Zen Forester’s trap on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Delon Deets as Zen Forester is using this as Luna knows to exact revenge on RJ. Luna is dating RJ, so she is unable to spend supper with Zen. According to Zen, she is still unmarried. Zen asks Luna to dance, but she declines, stating that Luna prefers to be with RJ over him, irritating Zen. Luna twists her cheek in Zen’s direction.

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