When Lauren and Esther arrive, Katie consoles Donna and RG becomes increasingly worried, according to the Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, October 25, 2025.

Eric Forester is rehearsing for his performance in the dresses in front of RJ Forester. Eric begins to cough and covers his mouth with his handkerchief. Katie Logan informs Donna Logan that she thinks Eric would fare better if he disclosed the situation to the family.

When Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine show up, they talk to Luna. NOOA Eric will be available soon, Luna informs them. Charlie Weber discovers a new interest.

Charlie Weber tries to convince Pammy Du to attend the fashion show, but she says no. Charlie stops Esther from poking around a desk, in her purse Esther holds a feather duster. Charlie is introduced to Eric by Esther. Lauren calls Esther away. Luna gives RJ a status report. RG informs Luna that he is worried about Eric because he has never had a cough like this one. RJ is worried about a fashion show, though it is obvious why she adores him so much, according to Luna.

Eric Forester meets Esther Valentine. According to previews for The Bold and the Beautiful, Esther desires a Forester gown similar to the one that Mrs. Chancellor once wore. Lauren introduces herself to RJ after speaking with Eric. Lauren’s presence makes Eric happy, as this is his Grand Final. Lauren queries his definition of grand final. Lauren is curious as to why Eric isn’t at his desk. Lauren queries whether this is connected to the previous talk in any way. Eric claims that he is not as young as he once was, that aging is catching up to him, and that he is unsure of how much longer he has left.

When Esther meets Eric, she is overjoyed. Eric finds out that Esther spent a long time working for Catherine. Catherine was always admired by Eric. Catherine in a Forester original was always a source of delight for Esther. According to Eric, she gave the garments life. Eric gives each woman a chaste kiss and says he’ll see them tomorrow. More blood comes out of Eric’s cough. He has another fit. Donna replies, “Eric is dying, if only the world knew.” Eric’s hand starts to shake again as he looks at outfits.

Katie Logan provides Don Logan’s counsel. Donna and Katie talk about Eric’s situation. Donna has committed to supporting Eric at every turn. “Sorry this happens so quickly,” Katie says. Donna claims that Eric is so bright and strong that they ought to have spent a lot more time together. “There’s always a chance,” according to Katie. Perhaps Donna should take Eric’s advice and cherish each second of their remaining time together. Katie instructs Donna to console, uplift, and respect Eric. Donna will try, but it’s really difficult. Donna worries so much about Eric.

Make sure you stay up to date on all the events. When Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine show up for the fashion showdown, something surprising happens. Eric and RG are in Forester’s design office, adjusting the gown on a model. Eric begins to cough as she leaves, and RG inquires as to whether he’s okay. In the Forester living room, Donna tells Katie she can’t believe that Eric is dying and he refuses to let his family know. She assured him that she would stick by him through to the very end, but she had no idea when that would happen. Did the doctor really say he only had 6 months, Katie queries. “Yes,” says Donna. He doesn’t want to be pitied, despite her repeated attempts to get him to tell his family the truth.

Last night Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrived from Genoa City before the huge fashion battle. In the corridor of Forester Creations, Luna welcomes them. Luna informs them that Eric will be available soon. While Esther gushes, Esther is astonished that she will be meeting him. She’s always wanted to own a stunning Forester original, just as Mrs. Chancellor had. Lauren believes she could have a shot. “Life is too brief to squander anytime,” Charlie is attempting to persuade Pam to attend the fashion show over the phone. As the chairs are being set up for the event, it appears she is bored and cooking lemon bars. She disconnects when he tells her he misses her. “I’m such a loser when it comes to love,” Charlie groans as he settles into a chair, concerned.

RG observes Eric coughing in the design office. Lauren is welcomed by Luna, who also introduces her to RJ. After Luna and RJ leave, Eric says to Lauren how happy he is that she decided to attend. He assures her it’s his big finale and best collection yet. Lauren scoffs, “What magnificent final do you mean?” Esther informs Luna in the hallway that Lauren and Eric have a long history together and likely have a lot of catching up to do. As Argie hurries up to Luna, Esther tells him she follows him on social media. Argie apologizes, saying he must take Luna out to handle a shipment. When Esther is by herself, she pokes around on the front desk. When Charlie approaches, she appears to be putting something in her purse. Charlie says, “Not so fast young lady.”

Katie is in the Forester living room, struggling to accept Eric’s prognosis. Don had always thought they would be together for a very long time. Both Donna and Katie cry as they give each other a hug. Katie tells her sister that Eric might be able to overcome the difficulties. She believes that she must cherish every moment she has left with her spouse. Lauren queries Eric at the design office as to why he isn’t in his office. Eric says he’s hoping to get the handled shortly. Lauren queries again why he would believe that this is the pinnacle of his career. Eric acknowledges that he is unsure about his remaining time.

Charlie takes out a feather duster in the hallway to check what’s in Esther’s purse. Esther acknowledges that she cleans obsessively. “Me too,” shrugs Charlie. They exchange smiles as Esther introduces herself reluctantly. Charlie and Esther bid farewell to each other. As Lauren emerges to greet her while RJ is preoccupied in the main office, Luna inquires as to whether he is more concerned about his grandfather or the shipment. RJ acknowledges that he worries about Eric. He now has a terrible cough, and his tremors have gotten worse. His grandfather is getting him very psyched about the show. At the same time, when it’s finished and he can concentrate on his health, he will be happy. Luna gives RJ a hug since she thinks he’s such a kind guy.

Eric trembles as he picks up a stapler in the design office and places it in a drawer. He rubs his forehead, grimaces, coughs. He flashes a smile when Lauren and Esther enter. He gives her a chaste kiss on the hand, leaving Esther speechless. At home, Donna looks at a picture of herself and Eric, while Katie advises her that life is too short to attempt to enjoy every moment. She should seize this chance, even if she is aware of how upsetting this is. “Love, respect, and stand by Eric,” Donna stutters. “I’ll try,” she is really afraid for Eric. If only the world knew the truth, she murmurs. Eric is near death. Through Catherine Chancellor, Eric finds out in the design office that Lauren and Esther are acquainted. They remember her as being sophisticated and elegant when she wore Forester Originals. She sang the gowns, according to Eric. He expresses gratitude for Esther’s presence and assures her of a memorable fashion show. Eric bids them farewell and promises to meet them the following day. When he is by himself, he starts coughing again and the handkerchief is now stained with blood. He glares and furiously tosses the object in the trash.

The reunion of Wyatt and Sally is in the works. Wyatt once again sweeps Sally off her feet. Fans have been speculating about how The Bold and the Beautiful will handle Darren Brooks’s disappearance ever since he said goodbye to the program. Will they only casually bring up his relocation from Los Angeles for a job, similar to how they behaved after Flo left? While fans are concerned about the final episode of Wyatt, we have some fantastic news to report. Will Wyatt be returning? Yes, we can think about that, but just for B and B. He is prepared for a crossover. The actress herself attested, yes you did really hear us. Prepare to see Wyatt in Genoa City, if not in Los Angeles. Fans are giddy with anticipation when Darren Brooks hinted at an intriguing possibility in a recent interview with soaps.com. The actor mentioned in the last interview that he was returning to the small screen. Could this mean a reunion with his ex-girlfriend Sally Spectra? With a comment, “You never know who could show up on the doorstep,” Darren made a suggestion about a possible reunion. “Hey, I’m here to cause chaos.” “I cherish Courtney Hope, and one of Wyatt’s greatest loves was Sally,” he complimented Hope’s acting abilities and the chemistry they had on screen, emphasizing how much fun they had together.

The close bond between Wyatt and Sally was adored by fans, but their romance abruptly ended when Flo showed up.

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