Kyle and Summer’s marriage is going through a tough time, and things are getting even more complicated with the impending return of Tara, Harrison’s biological mother. Tara has been in prison for a minor financial offense, and questions are arising about why her sentence has been longer than others who committed more severe crimes. There’s speculation about her potential move to Genoa City since there’s not much keeping her in New York.

Summer temporarily took on a motherly role for Harrison while Tara was in prison, caring for him in her absence. But now, with Kyle and Summer’s relationship facing difficulties, Tara is gearing up to assert her legal custody rights over Harrison.

Initially, it made sense for Harrison to stay with Kyle after the passing of Ashland, his stepfather, and Tara’s imprisonment. However, the question arises: why should Harrison remain separated from his biological mother? While Harrison has grown attached to the Abbott family, Kyle argues that he’s happy in their mansion. But what if Tara moves in?

Tara would likely be thrilled to leave her cell and move to Genoa City, especially if it means having Kyle in Harrison’s life. It would be in Harrison’s best interest for Kyle to be involved. The crucial question now is whether Kyle can accept Tara as an important figure in Harrison’s life to maintain a healthy relationship with his son.

The situation is complex, and its outcome remains uncertain. Viewers can expect an emotional roller coaster and unexpected dramatic twists as Tara’s return approaches.’

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