General Hospital spoilers revealed that after emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his body, everyone hoped that Dante would wake up soon. However, as the days passed and he still didn’t wake up, everyone worried about him. The doctors did everything they could and hoped that Dante would regain consciousness quickly. With each passing moment, Dante’s family felt the psychological pressure becoming heavier. His family and friends spent hours at his bedside, waiting for a positive sign.

People constantly prayed and hoped that his strength and resilience would help him overcome this difficult period. It was the only hope in these difficult days when everyone waited for a miracle. Unfortunately, the bad news happened when Dante couldn’t make it, and he died. Dante’s death shocked everyone, especially Sam. She was sad and angry at his death, and in her pain, she couldn’t help but blame Jason, thinking that he was the cause of all the tragedies.

Sam felt deeply hurt, and in her mind, all this bitterness came from Jason. In moments of despair, Sam could not control her emotions and lashed out at Jason, taking out all her anger on him, although she knew this might not be fair. In grief and helplessness, Sam felt she couldn’t control her emotions. Meanwhile, Jason was also very sad in prison. He tried to save Dante, but Dante died because of him. Not just for Dante, but also for Sonny, Jason knew that he didn’t have to face and share with Sonny at this time. Dante’s death was also a big blow to Sonny, whose father was heartbroken when his son left without saying goodbye.

While Jason still has to face life in prison, Sonny also can’t believe the fact that Dante is gone. The hurt in his heart became more indescribable when he realized that the son he loved had left this world. These two men each endured their own pain, even though at any time they wanted to be able to share and comfort each other, fate kept them apart. These pains will last a long time, and both must find a way to overcome the loss and continue living.

Besides, Dante’s funeral was held in a sad atmosphere. Everyone was immersed in grief. Sam couldn’t hold back her tears as the pain in her heart welled up when she had to say goodbye to Dante. His death was a huge shock, making Brook feel Sam’s deep pain. Sam Brooke is also about to enter marriage with a police officer. She realizes that life can change suddenly, and no one can avoid the shocks of fate. This makes her think about the future when she could become a widow like Maxi when she lost Nathan.

Before the funeral, Brooke felt worried and insecure about the future, even though she’s preparing to enter a new life. Dante’s sudden death made her realize the fragility of life. Life can change in a moment, and Brook begins to confront the idea that she might face similar challenges and losses in the future. What will Brooke think after this? Will she continue to marry Dante, or will she choose to break up? How will things unfold now?

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