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Liam reels over Hope’s proposal. Warren’s ex-marriage stalker can’t happen, according to previews for The Bold and the Beautiful (BNB). Liam Spencer, played by Scott Clifton, is going to get a surprise the week of January 8th to 12th. Though that plan will completely collapse, Hope Logan, Anuka Noel, advised Thomas Forester, Matthew Atkinson, that it would be better if they kept his marriage proposal to themselves.

Of course, Hope might decide to accept that proposition after all. Hope appeared to be very touched by Stephy Forester’s, Jacqueline McKinnis Wood, warning that Thomas needed someone who was willing to put everything on the line. Hope could still be unsure about saying yes, but Liam could see that ring on her chain. Hope will have to put it on display for people like Liam to see, despite Thomas’s advice to hold it near to her heart.

Whatever the situation, fans should anticipate more drama, as Liam will undoubtedly lose it when he finds out that Thomas proposed. According to BNB spoilers for the January 11th episode, Liam will sound the alarm at that moment, as well. Since he seems to have realized Thomas proposed, Liam was forced by hope to back off and acknowledge that he is no longer the man in her life. Liam won’t, however, believe that Thomas has replaced him. Despite that, remember that Beth Spencer, played by Jordan Lara, is a part of this too, and Liam most definitely does not want Thomas to act as his stepfather to his little daughter. The idea of Hope being married to a man whose devotion led him to such hazardous locations will horrify Liam. Had Thomas prevailed at that time, Hope and Liam would have never learned that Beth had lived at all.

Hope loves it when Liam reminds her of that. So, before he begs her to leave, they may relive all the Beth Mayhem. Liam would much prefer to see hope grow up and call it quits on their relationship than she be married and spend more time with Thomas. Liam might try to convince Hope that this is a bad decision and warn her that she can’t marry her stalker. But, as Hope is now going through a rebellious phase, Liam might only be able to push her closer to Thomas.

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful suggest Liam will have a lot to say, so be sure to check back for updates on his thoughts on the news of The Proposal. Make CDL your go-to BNB resource for amazing spoilers, news, and updates about Bold and the Beautiful.

Thomas admits Liam’s encounter Zen’s betrayal and Poppy’s secret. According to spoilers for the next week of January 8th, Liam Spencer learns that Hope Logan was proposed to by Thomas Forester. Thomas sends Forester dupes Luna Nozawa into having a romantic supper. Stephy Forester is given the full story by Thomas, and Poppy Nozawa is also concealing a significant secret. Highlights of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of January 8th include Liam finding something alarming. Liam, who hasn’t been seen all that often since Stephy and Hope rejected him, did discuss his enigmatic date with Bill Spencer.

Liam hasn’t been seen or heard from since. In the following week, Liam will learn that Hope has received a marriage proposal from Thomas. Liam has never agreed with it for apparent reasons, but he might become alarmed that Hope is approaching too much peril. Liam and John Finn Finan’s enmity may actually be eliminated by this. Spoilers for BNB romantic ploy suggest Zen will devise a cunning scheme to win Luna’s isolation. In the interim, Luna receives an enigmatic dinner invitation from Zen. Luna believes that RJ Forester has a unique surprise in store for them after realizing that it’s a romantic meal. Luna is shocked to see Zend when she gets to her date with…

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