Hello everyone, and welcome to my Bold and the Beautiful gossip channel. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Before we begin, please hit the Subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. In the recent developments on The Bold and the Beautiful, the focus shifted to Eric’s vision, and Zen expressed his determination to honor Eric by completing his collection.

Luna and Zen discussed Eric’s legacy in the design office, with Zen claiming he would have worked tirelessly to assist Eric if he had known about the sickness. Luna hoped that Zen was no longer offended, and Zen acknowledged that he had initially felt ignored but was now committed to finishing Eric’s collection.

Meanwhile, RJ and Ridge discussed the difficult situation at Eric’s residence. Ridge explained that he and RJ had Brooke’s approval to complete Eric’s collection, bringing some much-needed good news to the family. The conversation then shifted to Ridge’s difficult choice regarding Eric’s treatment.

RJ expressed his support for Ridge’s decision, and they decided to complete the collection as a family. Zen, arriving at the scene, inquired about Eric’s status, and Ridge mentioned that Eric was persevering. Zen, impressed by the support from the fashion industry, believed they owed Eric the duty to complete his collection.

Zen expressed his belief that Eric had a clear vision that needed to be carried out, and he asked Ridge if there was a more fitting way to remember Eric than ensuring his collection was seen, cherished, and worn. Ridge quickly agreed, and Zen enthusiastically asked when they could begin.

RJ, who had spent time with Eric, was suggested to help out, and Zen pledged his complete dedication to the project. Ridge ordered RJ to leave the room, and Zen, understanding the decision, stated that he wanted to do it for Eric, feeling a sense of indebtedness to him.

Ridge assured Zen that they would find a way for him to contribute but clarified that, for now, RJ needed to complete the task he had begun.

As they returned to the design studio, RJ updated Luna on the progress, expressing his excitement about working with Ridge on Eric’s line. Luna acknowledged Zen’s commitment to finishing Eric’s line, and the focus remained on the dedication to preserving Eric’s legacy through the completion of his final collection.

The intricate dynamics within the Forester family and their commitment to honoring Eric’s vision added depth to the unfolding narrative. Stay tuned for more updates on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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