The sneak peek into spoilers for the upcoming week reveals a challenging situation for Ridge as he grapples with Eric Forrester’s final wishes. With the medical power of attorney in Ridge’s hands, he holds significant authority, sparking concern among Eric’s loved ones.

Ridge must decide whether to wait and see if Eric can pull through or take him off life support, honoring Eric’s wish to avoid prolonged artificial life. Despite initial disbelief from medical professionals, Dr. John Finnegan sees hope for Eric’s condition and proposes a treatment option.

Working with Bridget and other doctors, Finn aims to bring the theoretical treatment to life, benefiting not only Eric but others with the same illness. As the BNB spoilers for December 11-15 unfold, Donna Logan and Stephy Forrester take a stand against Ridge’s actions, advocating for giving Eric every possible chance at recovery.

Stephy, trusting in Finn’s expertise, confronts Ridge alongside Donna, who wants to keep Eric close for as long as possible. Thorn and Bridget add pressure to Ridge, who faces family criticism despite good intentions. The weekly preview suggests heightened tensions and family clashes, particularly if Eric’s condition leads to a coma.

Stephy may blame her father if they miss a chance to save Eric, adding to the complexities of Ridge’s tough position. Fans are encouraged to share their thoughts in the comments, and if they enjoyed the video, to subscribe and hit the bell icon.

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