Spoilers say that Thomas will receive some bad news about his bedroom partner Hope, because she is growing feelings for another man.

Finn and Hope share a new bond while Steffy is away, and they are getting closer because of Deacon and Sheila’s problems.

Hope thinks Finn is a good man, and she is jealous of Steffy for that, and they already shared a hug.

We could see that the show is set for Hope and Finn to spend more time together, and problems will also come from there.

If Hope and Finn have feelings for each other and share some intimate moments, it’s only a matter of time before someone catches them.

It could be Douglas, the smart kid who always keeps his eyes on others, and maybe he will catch his mom with Finn this time.

And he will spill the beans to his dad about that, we believe that Thomas will be shocked and also devastated by this news.

He loves Hope so much and wants to build a new family with her, but now Hope is growing feelings for Finn, a married man.

Thomas will feel disappointed with Hope, and this could be the time when Thomas listens to his mom and stays away from Hope.

As for Hope, she doesn’t have any feelings for Thomas at all and looks like she will fall for another man, but this man is Steffy’s husband.

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