In the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Zen expresses his frustration over RJ joining the company, and tensions rise between Sheila, Bill, Luna, and Poppy. Zen arranges a meeting with Ridge to discuss his concerns about being benched in favor of RJ, citing financial issues for Hope for the Future.

RJ and Luna share a moment as they discuss their mess at Steffy’s. Luna admires Steffy as her role model, and RJ encourages Luna to take her time, respecting her plans to meet her mom. Meanwhile, Bill confronts Sheila at Il Giardino, warning her to stay away from Steffy and Finn. Sheila defends herself, stating she’s only preparing pizza now. Bill remains skeptical and warns her to stay out of their lives.

As Zende feels neglected, he questions Ridge about being passed over for designing Eric’s line. Ridge reassures Zende of his abilities but emphasizes that decisions are made according to Eric’s wishes. In another part of Il Giardino, Sheila tries to defuse the tension with Bill, offering to bring him something.

However, Bill is preoccupied as he notices Poppy’s arrival. Back at Forrester, Zen continues to express his frustration about RJ working with Eric, feeling overshadowed. Ridge, dealing with his own emotions about his father’s passing, asserts that RJ was chosen by Eric, not him.

The tension builds as the characters navigate through complicated relationships and professional dynamics, setting the stage for further drama and intrigue in the upcoming episodes.

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