Finn observes as Eric Forrester gives them a sign that he understands those around him.

Although it’s just the beginning of Eric’s potential recovery from the treatment, it provides a much-needed boost for the family.

So, it makes sense that if Eric Forrester becomes a successful case for Finn, others around the country, and maybe even the world, will seek him out.

Finn’s explanation before the surgery may have sounded complex, but John Finnegan mentioned that he combined two different procedures to try and cure Eric.

If Eric wakes up cured, then it’s a success, and Finn might be featured in top medical journals.

Who knows, he might even name the procedure after the Forrester patriarch.

But along with that, spoilers say that Finn and Bridget will also have some close connection at the hospital.

They have been working together, and of course, it could be a hint about a new love affair.

Although Finn is happily married to Steffy, but he could make some mistakes with Bridget at the hospital.

Looks like a complicated future is waiting ahead for Finn and Steffy, as Bridget jumps in their marriage this time.

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