Looks like Li Finnegan is becoming more devious these days, when she tries to push Luna to leave town for her mother’s mistake.

She also has a terrible plan to make Sheila angry, but after all, Sheila still keeps her mind clear and doesn’t fall for Li’s trap.

And it showed that Li is a dangerous woman just like Sheila, so maybe she did something terrible in the past that we don’t know about.

Luna doesn’t listen to what Li says, she still lives in LA with her new boyfriend RJ, and looks like Li will have another plan for her niece.

This time, spoilers say that Li will threaten Luna to leave town immediately, or something bad will happen to her, so Luna will be shocked.

She couldn’t believe that her aunt could do such a terrible thing to her, and we will slowly see the secret that Li is hiding.

Li told her son Finn that Poppy slept with a doctor and that led to terrible consequences, but maybe she lied about it.

The truth could be far worse, and Li did something terrible to Poppy so that she doesn’t want anyone to know.

Spoilers say that Finn will dig deep to find out the truth, and he will finally get the answer that he wants.

Maybe Li is a devious person, she killed Poppy’s husband and that’s why she doesn’t want Luna in town.

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