Next week, we will see a lot of drama will happen, and of course, we couldn’t forget about Steffy, she is leaving oversea but spoilers say that she’ll return soon.

At first, Brooke and Ridge will take action as they persuade Deacon to rethink about his decision and dump Sheila.

Brooke thinks that Deacon is crazy to be in love with a woman like Sheila, and she doesn’t understand why Deacon could marry her.

But Deacon will stand his ground, he will defend his future-wife at all costs, he believes that Sheila has changed and she deserves a chance.

Things will be heated between Deacon and Brooke, and looks like Deacon will have a lot to do if he wants to keep Sheila in town.

Meanwhile, Li Finnegan will also join in and attack Sheila when the two face-off at the restaurant.

Li hares Sheila so much, she even wanted to kill this woman, and looks like Li will take a drastic action this time.

Next week, Deacon will give Sheila a job at his restaurant, but nobody likes it, they will try to get rid of this woman.

But spoilers also drop a good news to fans about Steffy’s return airdate, looks like she is ready to be back on screen.

This time, Steffy will not run away from Sheila, she will take her actions to remove this woman from their life forever.

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