RTV soap news and spoilers today shares unfortunate news related to actor Pete Port, signaling what appears to be a farewell to his character, Dimitri, on Days of Our Lives.

The storyline took an unexpected turn with Dimitri being imprisoned in an isolated room as part of Melinda’s plan. In the recent episode, Melinda proposes solitary confinement in a super-max prison for Dimitri, with no visitor access, citing the severity of his past crimes.

While the narrative seems open-ended, leaving room for hope that Dimitri might be freed and reunited with Leo in the future, the actor has not officially confirmed his departure. However, the show’s representative has reportedly confirmed Port’s exit.

Port first appeared as Dimitri in the 2021 series Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem and reprised the role in the main show from May until now. Reflecting on his experience, Port expressed shock and excitement when offered a contract, emphasizing his love for Days of Our Lives and the talented writing team.

Fans were saddened by the news, as Dimitri’s presence had left a significant impact. Port’s dedication to the role and his sentiments about the cast and crew resonated with viewers.

Fans are invited to share their goodbyes or hopes for Dimitri’s return in the comments.

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