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Exciting news – a character from the past might be making a return on Bold and Beautiful, and it seems like justice is finally catching up with Thomas. Currently, everything seems to be going well for Thomas – his family has accepted him, and he’s in a relationship with Hope.

However, things might take a turn on Thursday, December 28th, when Xander Avant, played by Adain Bradley, makes a comeback. Xander has a history with Thomas, especially concerning the baby Beth situation.

It seems like he’s reentering the scene just when Thomas thinks his past is behind him. Coincidence or not, this soap opera is full of surprises. In the meantime, other updates include Eric Forester waking up and being off the ventilator, bringing a Christmas miracle to the Forester family.

Brooke Logan and Rich Forester are concerned about Eric’s future, while Hope Logan faces a confrontation from Steffy Forester about her feelings for Thomas. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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