Finn and Hope are spending more time together, and we know that the show is setting up for another cheating scandal that could change everything.

Although Finn loves his wife so much, and he is trying to take back her from overseas, right now, Finn is lonely and needs a friend to confide in.

This friend is Hope, she and Finn have some common problems in their love life, and they feel better when they confide with each other.

Next week, Finn and Hope will be shocked when they learn about Deacon and Sheila’s relationship, especially when they’re going to get married.

This is a huge bombshell to people in town, especially for Hope and Finn, because they can’t believe that their parents could do this.

Finn and Hope won’t let it happen, they believe that Sheila is a dangerous woman and they need to get rid of her as soon as possible.

So looks like Finn and Hope will team up to destroy this wedding, but it could give them another reason to spend more time together.

Spoilers say that Hope and Finn will grow closer this time, and it looks like they are about to cross the line.

Taylor is right, Hope is the mini-version of Brooke, and she is on the way to becoming a Logan lady, who sleeps with all men in town.

If Liam finds out about this secret love affair, he will have a big chance to destroy Steffy and Finn’s marriage and take back his ex-wife.

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