Spoilers say that some interesting developements are on the way, and we believe that it’s about Hope and Finn’s relationship.


Hope is stuck in a tough spot, she doesn’t know what to do with her love-life, even when Thomas is loyal man, but she doesn’t like him at all.


Hope thinks that she deserves a better man, and unfortunately, this man is Steffy’s husband, Finn, and Hope knows this is a bad idea.


But looks like Hope is growing feelings for Finn, as they team up to fight against Sheila, and their bond will become stronger.


Spoilers say that Hope will feel guilty when she realizes about her new feelings for Finn, a married man.


And she will confess to her mom Brooke about that, she wants to hear her mother’s opinion about this.


But Hope will be shocked, because Brooke will also support her daughter to steal Steffy’s husband.


Brooke doesn’t care about Steffy’s marriage, she thinks that Hope deserves a good man, and this man is Finn.


Will Hope follow her mom’s advice and steal Steffy’s man, especially when Steffy is living away from Finn.


Spoilers say that some shocking dvelopements are going, and let’s see how Hope deal with the situation ahead.


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