In this episode, Eric reflects on the past, and Ridge places a critical call to L. Hope, Steffy, Carter, and Ridge have a budget discussion in the Forrester office. Carter claims that Hope for the Future has temporarily lost priority. Next, he apologizes, saying it was only for Eric’s line. Steffy queries how long they must maintain the act, stating he’s dying. Ridge is hoping they can persuade him to reconsider the party.

“We don’t even know how much time Granddad has left,” says Ridge. So Steffy can’t just put on a huge smile and toast to his future when they know he doesn’t have one. Donna can’t hold a party today, Katie and Brooke tell her this is insane. At the Forrester, they talk about how Donna discovered Eric unconscious the day before and believed he had passed away. Donna explains that because the guest house is simpler to access and has no steps, she transferred him there. Donna begs Brooke to phone everyone and let them know the party is happening today, but Brooke wants to call the caterer and cancel.

Although Katie believes Donna could wait until Eric has had time to heal, her sister points out he might not be able to, saying maybe there’s a reason why he’s so anxious to move this party up. She needs to return his favor. She is asked to let Brooke know that he is on their minds. Donna begs them to bring the group together for Eric, saying this might be his last request. “We can’t let him down, please.”

When Donna visits Eric at the guest house, he jokes that he’s still alive. She explains to him that this type of comedy isn’t amusing. After stating that he is thinking about the huge celebration tonight, Eric resumes breathing in oxygen. Donna tells him not to throw a party tonight since everyone will figure out what’s wrong. She advises him to get the family together and give them the straight word. He wants for them to be happy. He wants to have one last soirée with them because he’s had time to reflect about his life as a man and an artist. He wishes for no one to be aware of the oxygen tank. He muses on how many amazing things have occurred in that house. Donna starts crying. Eric says he wants to be able to look back on this moment and recall things, even if he will soon be moving to a gorgeous Crystal Palace in the sky.

He had flashbacks about his time spent with Brooke, hot air balloon rides, fashion displays, holding court with Stephanie, and the Ridge challenge. “It’s been an amazing adventure. Nothing would make me alter that hope.” Carter, Steffy, Ridge, and Steffy are still talking about Eric’s prognosis at work. Ridge tells them that Zandi is aware now after fainting yesterday. Eric is now in the guest house, as Katie and Brooke discover as they enter. He uses oxygen when necessary. Ridge says that they are no longer able to play this game; he wants this party. Brooke and Katie say, and it’s occurring this afternoon. As they fret over Eric’s desire to throw a party that day, everyone speaks at once.

Katie believes he senses his time is running short, and he could be. Brooke continues, “If this party’s today, determines Ridge, I should probably pick up some phones.” When he gets to the airport, he calls Thorne. Ridge informs him that the celebration has been rescheduled for today. Thorne is perplexed; he booked his travel after speaking with their father. Ridge informs him that the caterers are currently at the house. Thorne objects, saying that Rick, Chris, and Felicia are still on safari and cannot possibly make it to the house at this time.

Ridge is aware of that; he needs Thorne to let him know he will be there, even though it’s not ideal. Although Thorne concurs, he questions the situation after disconnecting. Ridge informs the others that Thorne is on his way and that he will be devastated to learn about their father. Hope finds it incomprehensible that Donna is supporting this party concept. Katie tells her that this might be Eric’s final request because he is the love of her life. She is afraid of the toll this will have on him; therefore, it’s not an easy task. Steffy is unsure about her ability to act. Ridge and Katie both advise her that she must do it. They’ll get dressed up, put on fake smiles, and celebrate with him, saying, “We have to. You are.”

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