ABC General Hospital spoilers have unveiled Laura’s ongoing concerns that Cyrus might be responsible for Austin’s death, especially given Cyrus’s recent release from prison. Despite their strained relationship, Laura still holds hope that Cyrus has reformed and won’t engage in criminal activities.

Cyrus, her brother, has a dark history, having been a drug lord involved in kidnappings and plotting Laura’s death. Despite past animosity, Laura doesn’t want him to repeat his mistakes.

However, a shocking update from Dante reveals that Cyrus is not implicated in Austin’s death. Instead, the unexpected perpetrator is Laura’s son, Nicholas. This revelation leaves Laura conflicted, as she grapples with the realization that her own son is involved in such a serious crime. Dante believes that Laura, being astute, can deduce the motive behind Nicholas’s actions.

The motive, as Dante explains, likely stems from Nicholas’s jealousy during a date between Austin and Ava. Laura’s panic intensifies as the motive becomes clear – Nicholas killed Austin to eliminate a romantic rival for Ava’s affection.

Laura, initially searching for Nicholas, has yet to confront him and still believes he is in Europe. She is left in shock, struggling to comprehend how her son could return to Port Charles and commit such a heinous act.

Dante, having conducted a thorough investigation, advises Laura to counsel Nicholas to surrender and seek leniency. Nicholas is now a wanted fugitive, and the evidence against him is clear. Laura is faced with the challenging task of reconciling with the reality of her son’s actions and navigating the legal repercussions that lie ahead.

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