Finally, we know about Li and Poppy’s secret, but spoilers say that Li may not tell the truth, she lied to her son Finn about Poppy’s love affair.

Li said that she gave her sister Poppy a job at the hospital, but Poppy slept with the chief surgeon until his wife found out.

Li had to pay the price for that, she had to transfer to another hospital altogether so that’s why Li is so mad at Luna and Poppy.

But the question here is, Luna is a young lady and she doesn’t do anything wrong, she just wants to follow her dream in LA.

So Li doesn’t have the right to demand Luna to leave, it’s all about Poppy’s fault, and Luna doesn’t need to pay for that.

So maybe there is more to it that Li is still keeping from her son, maybe it could be related to the Forresters.

We all remember that Poppy told her daughter to stay away from the Forresters, so maybe she had an affair with one of the Forrester men.

Although no men in the Forrester family worked at the hospital, if Li didn’t tell the truth, we believe that there is more to it.

What if Poppy had an affair with Eric, and then Luna is his biological daughter, that could be shocking news to everybody in town.

Especially when Eric is having a serious health issue this time, so Luna could be there to help her dad.

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