Spoilers say that Li and Poppy are keeping a terrible secret that could shock everybody in town, and we’re going to discover.

Of course, Finn and Luna don’t know anything about this secret, but they are very curious to know, and RJ will also join in.

RJ is in love with Luna, and he won’t let Li jump in his relationship with Luna, he will fight for it.

With the help of RJ and Finn, Luna will have a chance to stay in LA, to follow her dream and be with her new boyfriend.

But Li and Poppy won’t let her stay for any longer, they worry that the secret will come to light, and everything will be destroyed.

So what is this secret, does anyone else besides Li and Poppy know about this secret?

This is a huge question that viewers are curious to know, and let’s wait and see how this storyline unfolds.

Spoilers say that this bombshell could somehow relate to Finn, and some rumors even said that Finn and Poppy had an affair.

Of course, there haven’t been any information about it just yet, but if Finn is Luna’s biological father, it could be a shocking news.

And his marriage will Steffy will be affected a lot when Steffy knows that her husband has another daughter.

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