Spoilers say that Steffy will be back on the canvas again during the week of October 23 and November 3.

She will give her husband a surprise homecoming but looks like things won’t be good between them this time.

Steffy still feels disappointed when Finn can’t get rid of Sheila, he even keeps the secret of Sheila and Deacon.

With that in mind, Steffy still fears for the safety of herself and her kids, but she needs to come home.

But this time, Liam is determined to take back his ex-wife, he has a plan to destroy Finn’s marriage.

Finn still doesn’t know about Liam and Steffy’s kisses, and it seems like that secret is ready to explode.

Spoilers say that Liam will do anything he can to make Steffy and Finn divorce, because he knows that this is the only chance for him.

But the question here is, no one knows about Steffy’s condition in Europe, does she have to suffer anything there?

Maybe Liam will find out what Steffy has to deal with when she is alone in Europe, she isn’t doing as well as we think.

Steffy used to be addicted to pills, and what if she relapsed again, it could be shocking news.

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