It’s been a while, but not long since we had a custody battle in the soap series, and the ongoing drama between Hope and Liam is bound to trigger one for Beth Spencer. Now, let’s be honest—Thomas has never been close to Beth, and it’s easy to assume the little one would want her parents to be together, no matter what.

Beth is no longer a child anymore. At least, that’s what I mean; she knows what’s happening. Remember how Douglas was already playing hero and revealing secrets when he was Beth’s age? So, it’s time that she does something to have her parents reunite and end this Thomas Saga once and for all.

But is there nothing else she can do about it? Or is there? I mean, Liam would love to have a reunion with Hope now that Stephy has closed all the doors. It was more than obvious that the man was jealous of Hope and Thomas’s growing relationship. He knows how close they’ve become, and he now wants his Logan back. I’m sure Liam was intimidated by Hope when he knocked on the door, only to find her in a nightgown waiting for Thomas.

Now that he knows the seriousness of the situation, he might as well do something about this. But what can he really do, is the important question. If you ask me, he can use Beth to his advantage, just like Thomas did to Douglas. I’ve lost count as to how many times Thomas manipulated his son to get the Logans. Some of you might say Liam would never do that, but how is he so different from the rest? He would do just about anything to have either Hope or Stephy.

His entire world revolves around them, so why not take the risk? It was kind of infuriating when Liam mentioned the existence of Beth and how he reminded Hope about her. Of course, she remembers her own daughter. How could she ever forget the child she once lost? Hope is way too careful when it comes to Beth, and that’s exactly what Liam is eyeing. To our surprise, Beth has no problem being manipulated for this cause.

She too wants Mommy Hope and Liam to be together, so she might as well give her mother some obvious hints. And if they play the cards right, I’m sure Hope will forget about Thomas in an instance. Remember how Liam and Hope were on the verge of a split—let me stand corrected, they were already separated. However, Beth gave them a reason to stay, and their relationship was stronger than ever.

So, that’s probably what we expect if Beth were to play an emotional game with Hope, while Liam pulls the strings from behind. Douglas was doing miracles from an early age, so why not Beth? She could at least make an emotional plea for Hope to stay, and I’m sure that would fix things, right? That’s all for today. If you like our videos, please subscribe and hit the bell icon.

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