ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal a dramatic turn of events as Nina receives a sudden call from Nelle, her seemingly deceased daughter. Nelle, who had been hiding her true identity, discloses that she concealed the truth to protect herself.

Despite knowing she was Nina’s daughter, Nelle reaches out to Nina and makes a significant request. Nina is faced with a complex decision, torn between her desire to reconnect with her daughter and the potential repercussions of helping Nelle.

The meeting between Nina and Nelle becomes tense when Nelle reveals her association with the Pikeman Corporation and her plan to betray Sonny. Nelle urges Nina to participate in the conspiracy by providing evidence against Sonny.

Nina finds herself caught in a dilemma, torn between loyalty to her husband and the desire to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. As Nelle employs psychological tactics and demands to persuade Nina, the latter grapples with conflicting emotions.

Ultimately, Nina decides to assist Nelle, plunging herself into a complicated situation. Her choice to side with Nelle introduces challenges, especially as she navigates the ongoing conflict between the Pikeman Corporation and Sonny.

Gathering information for Nelle, Nina uncovers secrets about Sonny, adding further complexity to her predicament. Although reluctant to betray Sonny, Nina becomes entangled in a web of consequences.

As the fight between the Pikeman Corporation and Sonny escalates, Nina’s decision could have severe repercussions. Sonny, if he discovers Nina’s betrayal, may face danger, disappointment, and potential conflict.

The consequences of Nina’s actions are unpredictable, and the storyline promises heightened tension as the characters grapple with their choices and the unfolding drama in Port Charles.

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