ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal a significant turn of events as Drew decides to fire Nina from Crimson and appoints Carly as the new editor-in-chief, motivated by a desire for revenge against Nina. Nina, who dedicated many years to Crimson, is shocked and hurt by the unexpected dismissal.

Despite the emotional pain, Nina remains resilient, determined to move forward and embrace new opportunities. Carly notices a drastic change in Drew’s behavior and urges him to make rational decisions. Carly emphasizes Nina’s invaluable contributions to Crimson’s success, both financially and creatively, hoping Drew will reconsider.

However, Drew remains adamant about his decision and even threatens Carly, insisting she accept the new position or he will hire someone else. Carly, disappointed and heartbroken, realizes the profound change in Drew’s personality and decides to end their relationship.

Drew, unwilling to accept the breakup, expresses anger and highlights his sacrifices for the relationship. Carly, feeling helpless, gives Drew time to reflect, believing a period of silence might help reassess their connection. The unfolding drama leaves questions about the fate of Carly and Drew’s relationship, as the characters grapple with the complexities of their emotions and decisions.

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