In The Young and the Restless, Kyle Abbott seems to be getting close to Audra Charles.

But this might not be a good move, as Audra could end up hurting Kyle’s feelings.

There’s a possibility that Noah Newman, an old flame of Audra’s, might come back into the picture.

Noah, who’s currently dating Allie Nguyen, is busy with a new business venture in the U.K.

Allie, while a nice person, might not bring enough excitement to Noah’s life.

Their relationship might not have the spark needed for the drama that usually comes in soaps.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Noah and Allie go through a breakup off-screen.

If Noah returns to Genoa City and ends up single, he might find comfort in Audra’s company again.

Despite his hopes for a stable romance, Noah might become disillusioned about love.

This could make him more susceptible to Audra’s charms.

Even though Audra might be with Kyle at that point, there’s a chance she’ll be drawn back to Noah if he shows interest.

Kyle might be heading for heartache, so we’ll have to wait and see how his love life unfolds in The Young and the Restless.

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