There’s a brewing buzz in the soap world about Aunt Jordan, portrayed by Colleen Zenc, and the anticipation leading up to her introduction. Aunt Jordan seems to harbor serious animosity towards the Newman family, particularly Nikki, taking shots at the entire Newman Clan.

leaves everyone wondering about the source of this bad blood and whether there’s a secret grudge that viewers are yet to discover. The intensity of Aunt Jordan’s actions suggests a vendetta, but the question arises: could Aunt Jordan be a familiar character with a new look?

The speculation turns to the possibility that Aunt Jordan might not be an entirely new character but someone viewers have seen before, perhaps with a different identity. Could she be Eve Howard? Eve had a tumultuous history with Victor, claiming he fathered her son Charles, who later became known as Cole.

The revelation that Cole and Victoria were siblings led to a quick switch, revealing that Cole wasn’t Victor’s son. Eve, unhappy with Victor’s negligence, resorted to extreme measures, including attempting to poison and stab him and even trying to harm Nikki, landing her in a mental asylum.

Now, the theory suggests that Aunt Jordan could be a revived Eve, back from the dead after years away, grooming her niece to seek vengeance on the Newmans. While this may sound farfetched, the return of J Eddie Peck as Cole is announced, raising questions about why he would be back if his mom and secret daughter weren’t causing chaos with the Newmans.

It’s a wild theory, but it’s plausible, and viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to see how the storyline unfolds and whether Aunt Jordan’s true identity is connected to Eve.




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