ABC General Hospital spoilers have disclosed that actor Steve Burton is set to leave the series “Days of Our Lives” and return to GH, creating a wave of curiosity within the fan community. Jason, the character portrayed by Burton, is anticipated to bring significant surprises and changes to the Port Charles storyline.

With Jason’s return, the question arises: which woman in Port Charles will he fall in love with? Given Jason’s charismatic nature and the many women in his past, numerous possibilities emerge.

There’s a growing possibility that Jason might fall in love with Carly, sparking rumors of a love triangle involving him, Carly, and Drew. Fans are excited about the prospect of this complicated relationship, with signs indicating Carly’s deep feelings for Jason.

His return could provide an opportunity for them to reconnect, potentially creating a love triangle that adds complexity and intrigue to the storyline.

Another intriguing possibility is a renewed relationship between Jason and Sam. Despite Sam being currently involved with Dante, the strong feelings between Sam and Jason from their past linger, and Jason’s reappearance could reignite old emotions. Fans are curious about whether Sam can face the choice between Jason and Dante and if there’s a chance for the relationship between Sam and Jason to develop.

Additionally, speculation has arisen about the potential for Jason to fall in love with Liz. Their past includes a beautiful love story, and the fact that they share a child connects them in a special way. With Finn’s departure due to losing his career and going to prison, Liz and Jason may find an opportunity to rekindle their relationship when Jason returns.

As fans eagerly await Jason’s return, the possibilities for his new romantic interest are numerous. The combination of long-term affection, complicated relationships, and family responsibilities sets the stage for emotional and dramatic developments. The ultimate question remains: who will be Jason’s woman upon his return, and how will the intricate web of relationships unfold?

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