In a meeting, Adam tells Victor that he truly wants to change and is willing to start from the bottom at Newman. Victor, though uncertain, hopes Adam is sincere and plans to contact him soon.

Meanwhile, at Society, Sharon presents a business proposal to Nick, who worries about Nate’s trustworthiness and Victoria’s situation. Sharon urges Nick to trust his instincts.

Later, Sally notices the connection between Sharon and Nick and discusses the partnership. Nick takes time to consider it.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mariah fears moving in with Aria might have been a mistake. Sharon reassures her, mentioning Victor’s surrender of Kirsten Incorporated.

In Sally’s suite, Adam congratulates her on her venture, assuring her he won’t be a problem. He’s confident in his own plan.

At Newman Enterprises, Nate seeks reassurance from Victoria about their relationship. Nikki suggests Nate should resign, but he’s hesitant.

When Nick arrives, he chooses to help Sharon at Kirsten Incorporated instead of returning to Newman. This leaves the co-CEO seat open, sparking a feud between Victor and Victoria on how to fill it.

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